Enterprise Application development

Enterprise Software or (EAS) is an opposed to the software used by individuals, which is an integral part of information system that is computer based. This software is used in organizations, such as in business or government.

Business tools such as online shopping, automated billing and online payment processing, interactive product catalogue, IT management, customer relation and resource management, enterprise application integration and enterprise forms automation and many other business-oriented tools are served by Enterprise Software (EAS).

As a suite of customizable programs, EAS software is frequently available for enterprises as they have similar departments and systems in common. The tools are complex and generally it requires specialist with extensive capabilities and specific knowledge of handling these tools.


Common business application with a collection of similar computer programs depicts Enterprise Software very well, such as how to model the entire work on an organization, and the tools that are developed for building applications unique for any organization. By providing business logic support functionality, (EAS) enterprise application development helps improving enterprise’s productivity and efficiency, in short, this software is not limited to support or solve a department problem but entire enterprise-wide problems.

The display, manipulation and storage of enormous amount of complex or multifaceted data and its support, automation of business process with that data is all what Enterprise Software (EAS) is about.

(EAS) Enterprise software is centrally managed, and it typically has interfaces to other enterprise software. Commonly, Enterprise software includes performance, scalability, and lustiness, although it has no single, widely accepted list of features.

Order processing, scheduling production, procurement, management such as customer information management, energy management, and accounting are some of the most core business functions that Enterprise Software performs. This software serves a large number of users and it is hosted on servers, typically over a computing network. Contrast to a single-user application which is executed on user’s personal computer and serves only a single user at a time

Due to the firm’s business process, each type of enterprise application can be considered a “system”. It can also be categorized by business function. Due to this systematic interpretation, sometimes different categories of enterprise software may overlap.

Among thousands of competing seller, EAS, SAP, IBM, BMC Software, Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Oracle Corporation are considered as the major and the most leading organizations in the Enterprise Software (EAS) field. Some other vendor includes Redwood Software, IFS AB, QAD Inc, UC4 Software, JBoss (Red Hat), CA Technologies and Wipro Technologies.


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