Tools for Multi-Platform Mobile App Development

The fast growing smartphones industry has stimulated many dedicated app developers and acquaints customers to a new world of third party applications. With so many operating systems and different platforms, consumers today are asking for more multi-platform applications or cross formatted apps. Although many platforms offer free coding and tools to develop mobile applications but it becomes very inconvenient to develop cross formatted apps. Below are some of the best tools that can help you developing the best cross-formatted applications instead of one or two platforms.


WidgetPad,RhoMobile, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, and MoSync


With standard web technologies including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, WidgetPad is the best open-source for any app development company to develop applications for smartphones. The most highlighting feature of this platform is its collaboration, from project management to distribution and code editing, debugging and versioning includes some of its collaboration. This plattfom is now in private beta and is widely used for developing applications for Android, iOS and WebOS.


A Ruby based open-source framework, RhoMobile is offering Rhodes which allows third parties to develop native applications with exquisite range of operating systems and smartphones. From Windows Mobile to Symbian, RIM and Android and iPhone, RhoMobile’s platform covers it all. Highlighting features of RhoMobie Include application development for major smartphones and does not ask you to code again and again. Some other tools offered by RhoMobileincludeRhoSync and RhoHub.


Not many platforms offer online training course such as how to access native API’s and build mobile applications on its own. PhoneGap is widely used by developers around the world. Utilizing standard development languages such as HTML and Java Script, PhoneGap is a best tool which offers working with device hardware features including accelerometer, camera, GPS and more.


With over one thousands application powering every month, Appcelerator is one the most favorable and Titanium app development platform. With the help of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and Ruby, Appcelerator is the best tool for developing native mobile, tablet and desktop applications. Working with Appcelerator helps developers to access over 300 APIs and location information rapidly and the applications developed can be stored either in the cloud or in the device


Based on standard web programming, MoSync is FOSS multi-platform mobile app development SDK tool. Most of the operating systems are supported working with this too, including Mobile Linuxdistro, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. With the release of MoSync 2.4, the platform would be supporting iOS and Blackberry’s operating system as well.


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