Android App Development Tool

None of the developer is unaware of the fact that it is the biggest challenge to write code from the beginning or scratch. In this information age, application development has become easier and apps can be developed without having complete command over coding or writing programs, various platforms are available to develop Android Applications with some ridiculously easy functions such as drag-and-drop that makes app development a matter of hours. Besides this, one can make real-time changes within the platform in live applications on the market place and those changes can be reflected in the applications immediately.


Undoubtedly, Android is one the most popular operating system in smartphones today. No other system offers such facility to the developers to create powerful mobile applications in a very short time span. Android is a Linux powered operating system, and the most highlighting part of it in terms of development is its software development tool kit.

Besides Android SDK, there are various other tool kits provided by Google to develop more exciting and new applications for smartphones running on the Android platform.

Some of the other development tools are discussed below

Android App Inventor” comes very handy when creating powerful mobile applications for Android (OS), this tool was developed by Google but later handover to Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Native Development Kit” or NDK is another useful tool that helps creating applications for smartphones with C and C++ programs. It is also very similar to Android SDK tool.

HyperNext Android Creator” is the best tool for newly graduated and beginner level developers. This ultimate tool for app development allows developers to create applications without having wide knowledge and experience.

BatteryTech SDK” is the best tool for writing codes with outstanding advantage of writing codes for multiple operating systems such as iPhone and Android applications which are both good to go Mac and Windows.

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