iPad And Its Uses

iPad is one of the most successful tablet computer model, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. iPad is one the most versatile and flexible portable computer to use with its applications and other useful features. With features such as iBook is one of the most highly praised feature of iPad which is available to download from App Store.

An iPad is used globally for so many countless purposes including web browsing, entertainment including games. Over 41% users of iPad like to do all of their social media activities on the device and another 30% of users prefer searching products and services over this device. A large number of people which totals the 25% users of iPad like to read books on their device. The least number of users by total, 11% of the users like to watch TV on their device.

A large number of companies are replacing notebook PC and small laptops with iPad for their employees. The number of employees using iPad instead on notebook and laptops totals 13% of all ipad users globally.

Below are the 2 features of iPad that you might find interesting.

How to Get A Screen Shot

Screen shot is a great feature that allows users to capture what they have on their screen with the push of a button, now people might also want to capture something on their iPad as well. Unlike the personal computer (PC), iPad gives you an screen shot in a little different way. By pressing the power and home button simultaneously you will get a screen shot of your iPad.

How to Save Battery Time

Since an iPad is portable computer which runs on external battery power, keeping the applications on your device might result as faster power loose and which will cause it to run and perform slower. To keep your device running fast the best solution would be the taskbar which also comes handy for multitasking.

Applications and software designed for iPad are becoming increasingly popular every day. This is a great device to get your potential customers attracted towards your services and products. App development for iPad requires expertise and understanding of cutting edge technology with the dedication of serving with the 100% outcome and Enterprise Mobility is the most trusted company for iPad App development Dubai. We are the leading app development company in Dubai to provide the services of application development for iPhone, iPad and many other devices and systems.


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