Inception of Android Kingdom

The newer version of Android 1.5 changed the mobile phone industry forever. The new and upgraded platform included some of the flashier, eye candy and useful features that ensured the dominant position of Android in smartphone industry.

Following are some of the features that Android 1.5 featured on it

Customizable Home Screen Widgets

The new upgraded system allowed users to customize Home screen widgets which are web apps that pull and display live data from the internet. Home screen widgets such as Analog Clock, Calendar, Multimedia Player, Picture Frame and Search came preloaded with Android 1.5. Most importantly, Android 1.5 supported addition of third party widgets which at that time and still by some of the platforms is not allowed.

Live Folders

To show common data items likewise the OSX Leopard’s QuickLook, Android 1.5 featured Live Folders which is quick data access without running system application that handles specific data item. Live Folders include contact, favorite apps, email messages, playlist, bookmarks, RSS feeds and more.

The creation of Live Folder contents’ updates in real-time was brought into the device or in the cloud. But this is not just it, for common data items and registering new data types, mobile app developer were now capable of extending built-in support.

Video Recording and Sharing

The ability of recording and sharing video on an Android device was finally introduced on Android 1.5, and a lot better support for multiple multimedia formats such as MPEG-4, 3GP video formats, and more with improved and enhanced playback.

Now the Android users were capable of sharing videos via Email, MMS or uploading them directly to YouTube. Videos uploaded directly to YouTube by Android 1.5 users are completely secured with privacy controls, users can share their uploaded videos to everyone or just a set of invited friends.

Not only that, while uploading any video, you can use complete features and functions of your device because of the uploading processed in the background, it also allowed users to upload more videos while the previous files are still completing the uploading process.

Picasa Image Uploading

The ease of sharing images online with few clicks was introduced on Android 1.5, now the users can upload any image whether saved on the device or right after it was taken by just taping “Share” on Google’s online image service “Picasa”. Over 1GB of free upload limit allowed users to share as much images as they could.

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