Bada Operating System (OS)

With an overwhelming increase of smartphone users, every manufacturer is striving to provide new and improved devices to their users. Samsung is one the widely popular electronic manufacturer all around the world.

Over the years, Samsung electronics have launched popular mobile phone series with its own operating system called “Bada”. With an integration of Linux Kernel and Real Time Operating Sytem, Bada is developed using Kernel. Linux Kernel is used in high end phones, and Real Time Operating System is used in low end phones.

Highlighting Features Of Bada OS

Developers can create flashier and fun-filled games because Bada API supports open GL\ES for 3D graphics and its ability of multi-touch and acceleration controls. The ability of mixing 3D sound effects, Music etc. also comes handy for the creation of exciting games.

Bada also allows developers to display HTML web pages in application, and its Dolphin browser supports HTML 4.01 and HTML 5.

Bada platform is also highly appreciated for supporting commercial transactions such as selling music, trading games, credit card billing and more. It also allows developers to provide free applications and gain profit from sales within the platform.

With direct access to external social media networks, user profiling, friend making, board discussion and more are supported with socially aware apps developed with Bada (OS). It also supports location recognition and informs route between two points with (LBS) Location Based Service feature.

A wide variety of Audio, Video and Image formats are all supported by the media portion of Bada API. It also includes recording and streaming. Bada is also very supportive and easy to use when it comes to communications between devices or devices and servers.

Push messages and exchanges are supported with message API provided by Bada. Basic messaging functions can be use directly in mobile devices running with Bada OS.

To provide mapping capabilities, web integration, flash and rich UI controls, Bada features Common UI elements including adaptive UI elements and advanced interaction UI elements.Bada also offers some advanced tools such as vibration, multi-touch, motion, face recognition and sensors.

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