App Development Company Is Better Than Individual Developers

iOS is an operating system created for iPhone and other devices manufactured by Apple Inc. The history began on January 9, 2007 when Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. at that time created the first device running under the platform of iOS. It included great features of multimedia, internet, and more. The first mobile phone running with iOS included a video camera with 3GS release, we browser, portable media, suitable text messaging, email facilities in different formats, voicemail with visual formats, 3G connectivity with Wi-Fi.

Since the foundation of iPhone and iOS, it has constantly leaded the smartphone market. It also introduced new software trends and application development for iPhone. Upgrades are the most common things in iPhones, and these upgrades are not only limited to the operating system, but it is also hardware changes and SDK. You can find many companies offering third party mobile application software development, but it is hard to find an app development company specializing on iPhone app development.

An app development company with expertise in iPhone app development can create, design and program certain applications according to the requirements of clients. You may find lots of app developers in the mobility industry, but developing new iPhone applications require specialization on both iOS and iPhones that only an app development company can offer.

When you visit Apple app store, you will find the best deals of great applications from third parties including iPhone, iPad, and more. Apple Inc. has approved half a million apps so far and its app store has distributed the entire half million third party iPhone app successfully since 2008. Some of the most highlighting and heavily downloaded applications from the app store include Social Networking Games, GPS navigation, Security Apps and more. Applications such as utilities, finance, business, travel, news, entertainment, study are some other spheres to enrich and ease life with iPhone applications.

Enterprise Mobility is the leading name in iOS app development Dubai; our designers are capable of creating customized applications for iPhones. Our talented programmers and designers have expertise in creating 100% user friendly application software with eye candy and flashier designs. We utilize all the characteristics and features of iPhone to get the most out of it and not to forget, we always keep in mind how useful your application would be for the end users. Designers and programmers at Enterprise Mobility are highly skilled and proficient in iOS and Mac OSX as well. Visit our website for more information on iPhone app development Dubai.


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