What is iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system developed in 2007 by Apple Inc. which runs popular devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For about, 700,000 applications are available at Apple apps store which in itself is one of the most popular mobile apps store.

Multi-touch interface of iOS helps in swiping across the screen and pinching to zoom out through fingers. Also, it’s really easy to install updates and they are for free. You can download on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad wirelessly just when new updates are released by Apple. Alerts will appear on your screen about latest versions so that way you will not miss even a single new feature or an update.

iOS is designed for users worldwide as you can pick from thirty languages and can switch from one to another. The dictionary built-in iOS support for about fifty languages. The voiceover feature in iOS helps in reading screens in thirty five languages whereas Voice Control can fully understand twenty languages.

Businessmen prefer iOS for getting updates as it utilize standards based servers and Microsoft Exchange. If you are a student, you can record lectures and set reminders or class alerts. Also, Notes app helps in listing down the ideas being discussed in class groups or you can note down lecture’s points too.

Security issues no more stays with iOS operating system. Pass code lock prevents an unauthorized access to your contacts, photos, mails etc. It is being configured to delete all your personal data if too many unsuccessful attempts are made to open pass code. So, there is no need to worry of information linkages especially for those who run businesses and have vital emails and contacts saved inside a device.

Hence, apart from main and common features, iOS holds quite distinguishing features which is why it is being liked by many of its users. Those who started using Apple’s device with iOS running get addicted to it. Although, if we look into the market share it holds 21% in comparison to Andriod Market which holds bigger share of 75%. But still, its craze in 18-24 years youngsters cannot be denied.  





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