Best Applications Found On Symbian-Powered Phones

Despite new and exciting features launched everyday by Android and the launch of iOS5, one cannot forget the popularity of Symbian-powered smartphones. As compare to the days of immense popularity of Symbian, today this platform’s fate appears to be much different. But still, there is a large number of users still associated with Symbian-powered mobile devices and hundreds of apps.

Ovi Store by Nokia is the primary source of purchasing, downloading Symbian apps; you can also get Symbian apps from third party vendors such as Getjar.

Let Get Back To Some of The Most Popular Symbian Apps

Kooaba Visual Search

Viewing any product information was made very easy with this application called Kooaba. Users only have to take picture of anything they want info of such as games, movies, posters, CDs and DVDs. All that a user needs to do is take a picture of any object and get information such as trailers, reviews and more information on the go on your mobile device.

Kooaba also allowed users to share their searches via Email or on major social networking sites including facebook, Twitter and more. Not only you can share your searches, but you can also save them at official website of Kooaba.


Uploading videos instantly on major networking website such as YouTube, facebook, and more was made easy with Qik.

With Qik app in your mobile device you can have live video chats with-face-to-face contact with whoever you want.

The most highlighting feature of Qik was you can share what you see with your family and friends by just turning the video recorder on.

Comics Creator

Whether you are an artist or not, with Comics Creator you can create cartoons, comic and photo journal on your Nokia handset. It included some high tech features such as adding background, placing objects and more. Users can also share their finished cartoon with their friends and family

Nokia Photo browser

Nokia Beta Labs developed this app to browse your photos in multiple ways to the usual gallery application which is preinstalled on most of the Nokia smartphones.

The photo browser brought in 3D effects in Nokia Phone’s photo gallery. A new zooming feature was also introduced in this app, users just have to press and hold any photo and it will be magnified, additionally, if the user drags his finger across the photo, he will be seeing parts of any photo in more detail.



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