Droid Manager can better holds on to your life!

Droid manager is one of the mobile app which is designed specifically to manage your tasks and keep you hassle free. It is workable on different platforms like Androids, iOS, Mozilla firefox and Google chrome. The app is available in the market for free and

Droid manager helps you to keep a vigilant eye on your kids and family. It is not only for family but you can manage your business too in a proficient manner. The app is so smart that you don’t even need to switch on your smart phone as you can see map locations, browse files through authorized computer.

Micro Network coordinator is one of the features of the app due to which you can add any of your four devices for keeping a track. This way the whole family can stay in touch with one another. You can send push notifications regarding map positions, youtube videos, and can even chat through stream messenger of the same app.

At times when your day is badly packed you might miss one of your important notification and may regret afterwards. To avoid this situation to happen, you can put notes on the positions of a map view so that when you reached out to certain place you will get push notifications. This way you can better remind of places and your important tasks which you may forgot otherwise. Moreover, if you want changes in your settings for particular places then it is also possible through this app. Like you want your Bluetooth to start working as soon as you enter your office it will be done by your app.

What if your phone lost or stolen? In such a case, you can trace your mobile’s last position through map view, can set password and easily remove your personal data. So, unauthorized person can never reach out to your personal data and you will feel secure too. Moreover, you can add pin code security to any of the mobile app through droid manager. This way if your kid got your phone your data will remain safe and secure.

The Droid Manager is free for one device but in case of four devices, there is a limited time period trial after which you can purchase or download that app. Therefore, the app is good for knowing your family’s location also it helps in saving time by putting notes on places. This helps in having better parental control as its management tools let you know of your kid through a map view.


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