Mozilla Along with Foxconn Touching New Heights

Tablets are emerging technology and the future belongs to tablets which is why Mozilla is not wasting its time and signing up pacts for as many partnerships as possible. Mozilla in itself is one of the most used web browser all over the world. Its updated Firefox OS will soon be effective and active part of smart phones and tablets world.

Mozilla knows the fact that they need not to lack behind instead they have to come up on the tablets. Mozilla is working closely with LG, Huawei, Alcatel, and Samsung to bring out Firefox OS devices in the later part of this year. It was unknown but now it is quite clear that Mozilla want to at par with tech edgy world. Qualcomm is also expected to be a part of Mozilla deal through their mobile processors like Snapdragon.

News was spread by Reuters at first as Mozilla Plans to held a press conference with Foxconn. Many of you might not be familiar with Foxconn but for information it is a maker of iPhones and iPads as sixty percent of its profit comes from that way. A local outlet Focus Taiwan provided information from an industry insider that Firefox OS device will be a tablet.

Foxconn seems to play safe as Apple devices are considered to be in danger due to outnumbered or mushroom growth of Android handsets with all appealing and portable feature. Partnership with Mozilla is quite beneficial for the company. The decision is also good to enhance brand recognition. Although it isn’t sure either the device will be Mozilla branded but for sure it will enhance their clientele base. Moreover, the recognition and awareness will be further raised.

You might be thinking that their rivals will be Androids and Apple’s iOS system but it isn’t. Instead smaller mobile operating systems like Samsung Tizen OS, Jolla’s Sailfish and others. Also, in their press conference at Barcelona there will be few Smartphone handsets which will be launched in the market. At least, one will be released by Sony. The important fact that the Firefox is open source it might get more partners and especially carriers. So, the new move by Mozilla is doing rounds in the market which is not just news as they are making practical steps towards its launch at the end of this year or might be in the start of next year. Surely, it will be a big thing and people do want to experience what it has to offer.


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