iBook and Apple’s Map at Mac

Recently, Apple has announced that some key features of iOS apps would be inside Mac like iBook and Apple’s Maps. Both of these apps are stand alone applications and widely used by the Apple device users. These applications are now downloadable from the Mac App store.

You would no more be lost as Apple’s maps are here to serve you while yopu are on your way. Some of the interesting features of the Apple’s map is a flyover and Yelp integration. You can look into the roadways, which route would be shorter than the other one so that you can reach on time. Yelp integration can also be integrated with calendar which will send you alerts when you need to go to a certain appointment. Moreover, you casn save locations in the form of bookmarks in Safari. This will help in reminding about location in case you forget. New maps are better integrated with wide mapping. The redesigned app of calendar which allows adding directions directly at calendar events.

The iBook version for Mac will help you to get access to all books. You can adjust type and also the font size and can go into the night mode which is relaxing for eyes. Furthermore, iBook textbooks are interactive as you can see videos, pinch into content’s table. Also, you can select chapters via scrolling till the bottom of the program. You can create study card and add notes while reading. To the sidebars, users while reading can highlight titles and can use this feature as easily as they want. iBook feature is only for the iOS device users and not available otherwise.

These apps are linked to iOS counterparts so your travel routes and notes will appear on iPhone and iPads which are linked with same Apple account. This will be available for developers at the end of this month whereas for public it would be available in this fall. Therefore, iBook and maps are two vital apps which are popularly being used which is why Apple thought of it to have inside Mac as well. You can read books and use maps any where and at any time. All of the added features into the Mac version of iBook and Apple’s map are making the usage of iOS devices even friendly. So, Apple has given another reason to start using Mac or iOS devices.


Heidi J. Wright is professional and likes to read and write about apple app development, latest and hot topics related to technology.


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