Apple iPad Apps for Better Management

Almost half of the year is passed and up till now there are hundreds of applications for ipads are revealed. Apple app development has taken a new turn as you can have more and more socializing options which you may not be using before.

Facebook app for iOS users is far better than Andriod. Features and the stability make this app to be used smoother than on Andriod devices.Unlike in Andriod version of a Facebook, you have a small chat box like a pop up so that you can continue your conversation smoothly. Also, iOS users have an option of choosing Facebook apps from Facebook App Center for making your account more flexible. You can switch to full browser for your convenience.

Gmail app is one of the best mail providers and almost every one of us has account on Gmail. Along with basic features, this app allows you to perform some specific actions like spam, delete, label etc. in several mails. The only drawback is that you cannot download an attachment due to the restrictions on Apple devices. Apple app development is in such a way that you cannot download attachments from out sources. Similarly, EvernoteSkitch is another useful or you can say a must have app for your iPad. You can amend your PDF documents by adding text or arrows quite easily and quickly. Apart from editing of a document you can summarize editing points in a separate new document.

HBO Go is a hottest app of 2013 as it allows streaming favorite HBO shows movies, documentaries, comedy special, or any program. Same like HBO Go, YouTube App can be browsed for favorite videos, movies, dramas or any of your favorite links. It was removed from default iPad app but Google published it inside App store. It is one of the most downloaded apps of the app store where you can subscribe and browse videos. The best thing about YouTube app is that it supports HD videos and also full screen mode. According to your browse history it will suggest you the top videos of the category. You can do all basic actions like you do for any other social app “like/dislike” and comments. Moreover, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to any channel on YouTube.

Therefore, all of these apps are quite general but as become vital these days as socializing is not just limited to stay connected with family or friends  but its vital part for online marketing of a product, service or any business development.



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