DashClock and 91 Locker Locking Screen Widgets for Androids

Android handsets have a best feature that their lock screens come in variant options and offers customizing. For unlocking these lock screens there are different methods. Why lock screen? The lock screen helps in better interaction of widgets of a mobile or a tablet. The lock screens addition is for Android 4.2 but for those having older versions have third party widgets of lock screen. Moreover, if you don’t like them you can replace or disable them.

Along with custom locker, you can set certain applications to open by just one touch gesture or can tweak your phone settings by going into quick access menu. Furthermore, background, and the animations for the screen can be chosen manually. You can pick certain gestures as well for opening up of any application like camera or calling to a friend.

One of such lock screen mobile application is DashClock Widget. Actually it is the replacement for the Jelly Bean lock screen. It has become so popular just in a short while that people are of the view that why Google haven’t think of it before. In order to make it look even better the widget contains some built-in extensions like showing next calendar appointment, unread messages, scheduled alarms, Gmail messages and missed calls. The best part for the developer is that it is an open source due to which it supports the mobile app development developers to work on it further. There are plenty of other extensions being made for the widget. To get the list you can surf Google mobile app store.  

Another such an interesting application development for this very purpose from developers is 91 Locker. This application offers convenience, style and practicality alongside. You can optimize that app so that you can activate your camera quickly or can call right from the front menu instead of going inside all mobile applications. Some of these actions can also be performed without unlocking the mobile. The 91 Locker offers two modes of locking one like a liner and other one like a ring. Each one of the mode allows users to place its application on the screen for easy and even fast navigation. Apart from the app, toggling can be enabled from the settings to drag down which contains relevant icons like flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Audio Etc.

Hence, DashClock widget and 91 Locker both are great not only in their functionality but in their appearance as well especially the 91 Locker. You have the option to choose from the locking modes as well. Whatsoever application you opt, they serve the same purpose and are helpful.


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