Dropbox for iOS/ Android Devices

Dropbox is one of such apps that can easily be downloaded with minimal set up time and is free to be used on iOS and Android devices. You can share videos, photos, files and sync them across different devices (including tablets). What are the possible advantages of using dropbox? This app is extremely easy to work with as you can edit your files when you are on the go. There isn’t any need to set up a system as editing through Dropbox is much easier. Edit your file and send it to the client just through your smart phone.

Dropbox can be used for file’s backup and for accessing them on other computers and devices. The interface of the app is intuitive making it an obvious choice. When you are done with the downloading then immediately you get immediate access to the uploaded files. You can access these files from other computersand smart phones all you need is a web browser. You can form a dedicated public folder or can go for the shared folder for sending the files to specific users.

The navigation button is present on the top in Android devices whereas on iOS device it is located at the bottom. There isn’t any difference in the usability with the change of the location. Dropbox folder is the main screenbut you can quickly access to the photos, videos, files and a setting section to have a review of the account information. The app development for different devices is different but serves the same main purpose.

To upgrade an account, you can go into the app settings and also can add security pass code for locking. One of the benefit of the drop is that it s a very good resource for backing up f the files online. Though there are barriers in doing so as in case you have oversized backup folders. The free space that you acquire at the time of download is 2GBbut you can choose, 100GB, 200GB or 500GB along with the fee you have to pay monthly. Dropbox has a business plan too starting from 1TB (five users).

Incase, you don’t want to pay the monthly fee then you can increase your 2GB space by doing various actions like sharing the app with the friend and adding pictures for the first time. Also, sharing folder with multiple people can help out.

About Author:

Josh is senior android/iOS app developers at Algomatik and Enterprise Mobility.He love to write about android/iOS.


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