Hit Games for iPhone Users

Each week bunch of new gaming apps came intomarketand they definitely earn god place which is why developers are keen to launch new specs for any particular game or to go for new app. Hit games of the week includes Gangster Vegas, and Pet Rescue Saga. Other games like Despicable Me: Minion Rush is also in the list of new games.

Pet Rescue Saga is a popular Facebook app which is now imported to iPhone. The game is pulled on the iOS platform by the developers same like the game of Candy Crush which is another hit game from Facebook. The game of Pet Rescue Saga is about to rescue animals from evil snatchers. For doing this, user has to remove blocks from the board.

Gangster Vegas is a game from Gameloft’s Gansgter series. This new game looks similar to the GTA series and is quite interesting to play especially the way it is being designed. The new game is based in Las Vegas which means this would be the plot for the gamers to play. Cars and weapons in this new game are also enhanced and ready to be used at your disposal. The game is not for free and you need to purchase it for $ 6.99. The graphics and game play are awesome which is why the game looks cheap for all those GTA fans.   

“Despicable Me: Minion Rush” is another interesting game from Gameloft games. The official game movie is an endless runner game same in Temple Run games. Leap, dodge and slide are the obstacles and also there are enemies while you are playing the game to earn power ups and also the costumes. You can download this app for free from the Apple’s Store. The game is not that much complicated and you will love to play while you are earning power same like some of the games by Gameloft.

Therefore, the new games of iPhone are interestingand if you love to play games then it is advisable to get them for playing for free. Only the GTA game needs to be purchased. Although the Gangster Vegas game isn’t cheap but those who wish to dive into GTA series then they have to pay and then to play. These games are good in their graphics and playing tactics for the iPhone users.

About Author:

Imran Mughal is a professional writer specializes on various topics concerning latest trends in mobile application and working on reputed mobile app development Company in Dubai. He writes about various topics concerning various latest topics such as iPhone  app development.


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