These Must have Mobile Applications will help you a lot

As Android or IOS user, you use mobile application for routine work. These applications may be for domestic or business usage. Some are paid, and most of the apps are free to use. But to decide, what’s the best application to use can be a tough job for you. Because there are malicious apps are also available publically, which steal your personal info and sell it to marketers or companies.

Below are some of the applications you can choose and use them as reliable and trustworthy.

1: Mint App:

Mint App is a little budget manager for your everyday life. You can manage your personal as well as business expenditures efficiently. Wait a minute, are you worry about the security of this application? Forget about security, as it has built-in password protection system. You can set your desired password.

It’s free to use for Android and ios Smartphone users. Get it from play store or app store.

2: ShopKick Shopping App:

There are Millions of online users for this app “shopkick”. It has the variety of online stores with fantastic deals. You can also earn credit point by shopping through this app. After that, these credit points can be transferred into gifts. It’s available for android and ios platforms.

3: RetailMeNot Discount App:

RetailMeNot App provides hundreds and thousands of shopping coupons available on just one click away from you. All you need to know just pick desired deal and get a coupon from this app.

 4: Amazon Local:

Do you need any local brand product listed on Amazon? Use Amazon local app to find up to 75% discount on almost all local brands listed on Amazon. Like if you want to find a deal in New York, and then this app will tell you what best possible option for you is.

Platforms on which this Amazon local available are: android, ios and Amazon kindle fire.

5: Viggle the TV app:

If you’re a TV shows lover, then viggle is a dedicated app for you. Browse your favorite TV shows, dramas and much more stuff for entertainment.

It’s available for android as well as ios.

6: Hotel Tonight App:

This is an excellent application which helps you to find low price when you’re in search of hotel booking. Try this app; I hope you’ll like it. You can quickly browse all listed hostels city wise as well as area wise. It’s available for android and ios smart phones.

7: GameFly App for Gamers:

If you’re big game lovers, then you should try this amazing application. Buying games online cost you a lot, but now you can get some discount by shopping games through GameFly app.

8: Necessary Tools you must have:

While traveling outside the city, you need to have some traveling tools like a bag, sunglass, clothes, etc. And one most important item you must have with yourself is custom power bank for mobile phones. It’ll feed your mobile by charging and never let down your communication with friends and family. So it’s a good idea to have a brand custom power charger to keep things under control when it comes to mobile communication.

Speak Out Now:

That’s all from now, is there anything missing? Do let me know. I hope you find some useful info by this article. If you’ve further questions, feel free to post comments below. Share this article on social media. Thanks for stopping by here!


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