Useful Resources to help you in learning Android App Development

Android OS has established its authority in smart phones market. As it’s solely developed by Google’s dedicated developer team, so trust and authenticity increases. Due to huge amount of smartphones demand, android become the most popular mobile operating system. So the market value of android continuously increases with the passage of time. It’s all due to amazing android application available on playstore.

Learning android app development is now become a dream for almost every 3rd student in general. Because, Android has more potential than any other IT field. So this thing attracts many students to learn android technology.

It’s been an amazing experience for an Android developer to develop awesome apps and drop them on playstore. Meanwhile, let me tell you benefits to learn android app development.

Benefits to learn Android App Development:

  • Better chance of growth due to its huge market value.
  • You can create multiple earning resources via app development. Like earn through adsense etc.
  • Better job opportunities in your country as well as abroad.
  • Its open source to learn, so no issue with the license.
  • Android is a Google’s OS for mobiles, so you can imagine how much business potential in this filed.
  • It’s a right direction to your bright future.
  • Developer support from Google’s android team.
  • Free android studio and work environment for you.

So these were some of the key benefits you can get after learning android app development. Now let’s quickly come to the main topic which is the useful resource for learning android app development.

1: Google’s Developer Platform:

Google has built a dedicated platform to learn about latest technologies of Android. Android Studio is a complete solution for the process of app development. You can get it from Google’s Android site. Here you can also find step by step guide how to use Android for development purpose.

2: Codecademy:

Here some video tutorials stuff available to learn. Not much tuts regarding Android, but some basics you can get. Try to learn the basics if you’re new.

3: Evanto Tuts+:

Evanto tuts is a very dedicated platform for programmers to learn. It’s being brought to you by evanto marketplace. Here video tuts from expert Android app developers available.

4: Udemy: is a popular online learning platform, where students use to pay the fee and learn their desired technology from experts. So you can also find Android app development tutorials and start learning from now.

5: YouTube:

A very popular video sharing website, YouTube offers to learn opportunity for those students who can’t pay the fee. This is being done by YouTube channels created by experts. You have to watch step by step tutorials and channel owner will earn from this activity. You can also repeat the cycle when you get some experience.

6: Lynda:

Same like udemy, Lynda offers a variety of tutorials on different programming languages including Android app development. It has some fee to get access to the course.


So that was pretty much useful resources for android programmers. You can also search more of resources via Google. Now let me tell you a little trick to be like a professional. If you’ve done with learning and gain some experience as well, then you need to teach your skills to other students. The best way I can recommend you is to create video lesions and put up these videos in a custom usb flash drives. After that, send it to those students who want to learn android app development. You can set desire fee on this effort.


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