Mozilla Along with Foxconn Touching New Heights

Tablets are emerging technology and the future belongs to tablets which is why Mozilla is not wasting its time and signing up pacts for as many partnerships as possible. Mozilla in itself is one of the most used web browser all over the world. Its updated Firefox OS will soon be effective and active part of smart phones and tablets world.

Mozilla knows the fact that they need not to lack behind instead they have to come up on the tablets. Mozilla is working closely with LG, Huawei, Alcatel, and Samsung to bring out Firefox OS devices in the later part of this year. It was unknown but now it is quite clear that Mozilla want to at par with tech edgy world. Qualcomm is also expected to be a part of Mozilla deal through their mobile processors like Snapdragon.

News was spread by Reuters at first as Mozilla Plans to held a press conference with Foxconn. Many of you might not be familiar with Foxconn but for information it is a maker of iPhones and iPads as sixty percent of its profit comes from that way. A local outlet Focus Taiwan provided information from an industry insider that Firefox OS device will be a tablet.

Foxconn seems to play safe as Apple devices are considered to be in danger due to outnumbered or mushroom growth of Android handsets with all appealing and portable feature. Partnership with Mozilla is quite beneficial for the company. The decision is also good to enhance brand recognition. Although it isn’t sure either the device will be Mozilla branded but for sure it will enhance their clientele base. Moreover, the recognition and awareness will be further raised.

You might be thinking that their rivals will be Androids and Apple’s iOS system but it isn’t. Instead smaller mobile operating systems like Samsung Tizen OS, Jolla’s Sailfish and others. Also, in their press conference at Barcelona there will be few Smartphone handsets which will be launched in the market. At least, one will be released by Sony. The important fact that the Firefox is open source it might get more partners and especially carriers. So, the new move by Mozilla is doing rounds in the market which is not just news as they are making practical steps towards its launch at the end of this year or might be in the start of next year. Surely, it will be a big thing and people do want to experience what it has to offer.


iPad Apps for a Sustainable Grip on Life

Apps have turned not only your mobiles into a useful entity which was never expected that way ever before. But iPad has all amazing apps to take on a strong lifegrip. iPad applications are not oversized like mobile applications they are even beautiful and full screen applications so you can have better video resolution of any of your most wanted video or a movie.

Google Maps are being downloaded ever since the app introduced in the market. Google I/O 13- the latest update in Google Maps must not be absent in your iPad. Through this app, users can see buses and trains departure time. Moreover, you can enjoy traveling through this app while sitting at a home. You don’t need to be psychically present over there but can get to know all of the basics along with updated features.

If you are twitteraddict then Vine is a perfect application for your iPad. You can share any of your video on your tweets. It allows you to shoot six seconds video edit and embed it into your feed. So, it might be a good thing for twitter users. Same like, Skype is a video chatting app which let you make skype to skype calls without any charges. One of the best features this app offers is the automatic recovery of a call option. You can trace online contacts, block contacts, read chat history

Adobe reader is a vital application for all those who used to run through several documents more than twice a day. It would not be easier to scan through each and every word with easebut this app helps you to preview e-mailed PDF files. Advance features of annotations, text search, synchronization and much more can be used. Adobe Reader is the most demandable application for high school students and for businessmen. This app is for free so why to be utilize it.

Hence, we reached to a conclusion that iPad apps working and functionality is much better in comparison to mobile apps. Although, the apps are the same ones; in fact the more saturated apps but they are heavily being used all over the world. Adobe reader, Skype and Google Map is not only limited to certain class or group but they are equally beneficial for all classes and groups. Even now, these apps are updated and much enhanced.

Restaurants POS for Online Ordering


POS systems for restaurants help in not only managing tasks and coordinating with employees but also it helps in online order placement. If you have POS system in your restaurant it will improve quality and consistency for the customer service. The accuracy in taking orders will be increased and costs for order taking will be reduced. The order will directly come on the POS fax machine. Not only it helps businesses to grow but also they make customer happy and convenient. The system is intuitive and click ordering saves time as well as you don’t need to go out for dinning in cases. If you are feeling hungry but can’t go out of the office due to work load then can place order which you will get in no time.

Restaurants management of costs and expenses is complex but if you install or induce wise software or a system like POS then the headache is no more there. You can easily manage online orders. Online orders needs to be quick and must deliver on time which is why POS is one of the best systems that can be utilized for this purpose. POS system is equally good for all size of restaurants.

The POS for web and mobiles is a great source for having an ease in ordering online. The online and mobile robust tools for orders make it quick to order meals. The web orders get integrated with the restaurant POS system due to which there are lesser possibilities of errors and also there is less labor required to handle.

One of the main benefits of POS systems for online order placement is transparency in pricing. Customer can see order totals and a sales tax online and when their order is ready they can pick and pay. Through this system, workers can easily look into the status of the orders. What is being demanded more, which seasonal recipe is liked the most and emerging trends in food eating habits.

Security factor can also be improved by using POS systems for restaurants. The customer can feed payment information of the ordered meal through web or a mobile this way their personal information get streamlined on the system which helps in ordering in future too from a consumer point of view. The data which got saved in the system stays safe because they have to value each and every customer. From marketing side, online ordering through POS system will help in boosting sales.

Droid Manager can better holds on to your life!

Droid manager is one of the mobile app which is designed specifically to manage your tasks and keep you hassle free. It is workable on different platforms like Androids, iOS, Mozilla firefox and Google chrome. The app is available in the market for free and

Droid manager helps you to keep a vigilant eye on your kids and family. It is not only for family but you can manage your business too in a proficient manner. The app is so smart that you don’t even need to switch on your smart phone as you can see map locations, browse files through authorized computer.

Micro Network coordinator is one of the features of the app due to which you can add any of your four devices for keeping a track. This way the whole family can stay in touch with one another. You can send push notifications regarding map positions, youtube videos, and can even chat through stream messenger of the same app.

At times when your day is badly packed you might miss one of your important notification and may regret afterwards. To avoid this situation to happen, you can put notes on the positions of a map view so that when you reached out to certain place you will get push notifications. This way you can better remind of places and your important tasks which you may forgot otherwise. Moreover, if you want changes in your settings for particular places then it is also possible through this app. Like you want your Bluetooth to start working as soon as you enter your office it will be done by your app.

What if your phone lost or stolen? In such a case, you can trace your mobile’s last position through map view, can set password and easily remove your personal data. So, unauthorized person can never reach out to your personal data and you will feel secure too. Moreover, you can add pin code security to any of the mobile app through droid manager. This way if your kid got your phone your data will remain safe and secure.

The Droid Manager is free for one device but in case of four devices, there is a limited time period trial after which you can purchase or download that app. Therefore, the app is good for knowing your family’s location also it helps in saving time by putting notes on places. This helps in having better parental control as its management tools let you know of your kid through a map view.

Apps traps or something of useful!

By hopping on the application development bandwagon, you can reap out bountiful revenues for your business to grow. If you are running a business off application development then you need to be found easily on web too. It doesn’t matter how practical and useful application you have discovered and made but ultimately what matters is to be spotted by potential customer.

What pointers must be looked into while developing any application? You need to make a plan for development and so for marketing. If you really want good number of traffic to download your application from web, then it needs to offer “value”.  Firstly, promotions do a great deal and really help in sales. How do they? It will be through an app-system of rewards. Discounts, deals, sales, not only helps in boosting sales but on the other hand it will help in getting loyalty and engagement.   

Mobile payments are another driving feature or an application. Do before your competitor will do that. The reason is, now people are more inclined towards short-to-go processes rather than going physically out and paying the bills. Although there are many such apps down there in the market but if they are easily accessible through web then they will download rather than purchasing.

Application must be worthy as it must solve a problem by doing anything good. People will not get interested if they will not found anything interesting or problem-solving. Either your niche is information driven, make people laugh, or productive in a sense. While creating an app, you need to put yourself as a customer rather than a developer. This will help in reaching out what customer wants in real. Location based discounts, Social media app, are some other interesting apps people get interested more often these days.

Apart from the given factors, you need to decide either to compete locally or internationally. The applications of software’s are now sell from across regional boundaries. This shows your competitor can hit you from anywhere. Regardless of the size and complexity of the application, the developer or a company needs to choose design and set time for its final release. Don’t rush into testing and release something with bugs.

Hence, applications are not traps if they are purpose driven and designed and marketed properly. In today’s world, you can’t put your application on web without devising any plan for hitting maximum productivity.

Best Applications Found On Symbian-Powered Phones

Despite new and exciting features launched everyday by Android and the launch of iOS5, one cannot forget the popularity of Symbian-powered smartphones. As compare to the days of immense popularity of Symbian, today this platform’s fate appears to be much different. But still, there is a large number of users still associated with Symbian-powered mobile devices and hundreds of apps.

Ovi Store by Nokia is the primary source of purchasing, downloading Symbian apps; you can also get Symbian apps from third party vendors such as Getjar.

Let Get Back To Some of The Most Popular Symbian Apps

Kooaba Visual Search

Viewing any product information was made very easy with this application called Kooaba. Users only have to take picture of anything they want info of such as games, movies, posters, CDs and DVDs. All that a user needs to do is take a picture of any object and get information such as trailers, reviews and more information on the go on your mobile device.

Kooaba also allowed users to share their searches via Email or on major social networking sites including facebook, Twitter and more. Not only you can share your searches, but you can also save them at official website of Kooaba.


Uploading videos instantly on major networking website such as YouTube, facebook, and more was made easy with Qik.

With Qik app in your mobile device you can have live video chats with-face-to-face contact with whoever you want.

The most highlighting feature of Qik was you can share what you see with your family and friends by just turning the video recorder on.

Comics Creator

Whether you are an artist or not, with Comics Creator you can create cartoons, comic and photo journal on your Nokia handset. It included some high tech features such as adding background, placing objects and more. Users can also share their finished cartoon with their friends and family

Nokia Photo browser

Nokia Beta Labs developed this app to browse your photos in multiple ways to the usual gallery application which is preinstalled on most of the Nokia smartphones.

The photo browser brought in 3D effects in Nokia Phone’s photo gallery. A new zooming feature was also introduced in this app, users just have to press and hold any photo and it will be magnified, additionally, if the user drags his finger across the photo, he will be seeing parts of any photo in more detail.


What is iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system developed in 2007 by Apple Inc. which runs popular devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For about, 700,000 applications are available at Apple apps store which in itself is one of the most popular mobile apps store.

Multi-touch interface of iOS helps in swiping across the screen and pinching to zoom out through fingers. Also, it’s really easy to install updates and they are for free. You can download on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad wirelessly just when new updates are released by Apple. Alerts will appear on your screen about latest versions so that way you will not miss even a single new feature or an update.

iOS is designed for users worldwide as you can pick from thirty languages and can switch from one to another. The dictionary built-in iOS support for about fifty languages. The voiceover feature in iOS helps in reading screens in thirty five languages whereas Voice Control can fully understand twenty languages.

Businessmen prefer iOS for getting updates as it utilize standards based servers and Microsoft Exchange. If you are a student, you can record lectures and set reminders or class alerts. Also, Notes app helps in listing down the ideas being discussed in class groups or you can note down lecture’s points too.

Security issues no more stays with iOS operating system. Pass code lock prevents an unauthorized access to your contacts, photos, mails etc. It is being configured to delete all your personal data if too many unsuccessful attempts are made to open pass code. So, there is no need to worry of information linkages especially for those who run businesses and have vital emails and contacts saved inside a device.

Hence, apart from main and common features, iOS holds quite distinguishing features which is why it is being liked by many of its users. Those who started using Apple’s device with iOS running get addicted to it. Although, if we look into the market share it holds 21% in comparison to Andriod Market which holds bigger share of 75%. But still, its craze in 18-24 years youngsters cannot be denied.